Granulated sugar:


Sugar is our major import, brought in primarily from Colombia, Guatemala and Argentina and, occasionally, from regions outside the American continent. Our company offers high quality granulated sugar packaged in 1,000 kg maxi-sacks, 50 kg sacks and 29-tonne silo tanks. This product is processed in our warehouses in Calera de Tango and Los Ángeles.

Light Sugar:

100% natural with 50% fewer calories. One teaspoon of light sugar is equal to two teaspoons of regular sugar. Naturally absorbed by our bodies, this product provides a moderate amount of energy to meet the body’s needs with no aftertaste. It brings out the flavor of fruit and can be used for baking and cooking.

Granulated Sugar:

- Sold in 50 kg polyethylene sacks.
- Re-usable 900 and 1,000 kg maxi-sacks.
- In bulk in 29-tonne silo truck.

Confectioner's Sugar:

- Packaging: 40 kg sacks.
- Paper sack lined with a high-density polyethylene bag.

Light Sugar:

- Packaging: 40 kg sacks.
- Paper sack lined with a high-density polyethylene bag.
- Sugar-Stevia mix natural sweetener.

Sugar in 1 kg bags:

- Packaging: 10 x 1 kg pack.
- In a low-density polyethylene bag.
- Our brand names: El Granero and La Cañada.
- Origin: Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador and Argentina.

Mistevia / Stevia-Cox:

A natural sweetener obtained from the stevia plant that is 200 times sweeter than regular sugar. It also boasts therapeutic properties by lowering the body’s blood sugar and reducing cholesterol levels. What makes this sweetener different from the rest is the fact that it sweetens naturally without adding calories and is also healthier alternative sweetener.


- Stevia-Cox natural sweetener.
- Packaging: 10 kg boxes.
- Lined with a polyethylene bag.