Salt has existed since time immemorial and is deeply ingrained in our eating habits. However, excessive salt intake has been directly associated with and is a prime cause of hypertension, fluid retention and cardiovascular diseases, which are rampant in modern society.

Cox & Compañía S.A. has developed sodium-free and low sodium salt with this in mind.



Our company began developing this sodium-free seasoning five years ago successfully mimicking the taste of salt with potassium as a substitute. No-Na contains 0% sodium and has no bitter aftertaste, in other words, 0% SALT = 100% FLAVOR.


This salt substitute can be used in various food preparations such as bread, cookies, soups and other similar products. / /


This low sodium salt has nutritional qualities that promote health. Industrial food products that use Greensalt can indicate on their nutritional tables that they contain lower levels of sodium in the following formulations: 33%, 50% and 66% less sodium.

Low sodium salt:

- With 33%, 50% and 66% less sodium.
- Industrial packaging: 25 kg polypropylene packs.
- Retail packaging: 500 and 1,000 gram Doy packs.
- Product made in Chile.

Salt substitute:

- No-Na brand.
- Sodium-free.
- Industrial packaging: 40 kg packs.
- Paper sacks lined with a high-density polyethylene bag.
- Product made in Chile.