A growing company.

A company with an agile and flexible structure and a full understanding of the food commodities market, namely sugar and sugar derivatives, no trans fat shortenings and special salts, among other products. We import primarily from Latin America and also from Europe and Asia, and export finished products worldwide. The know-how we have acquired in international trade is rooted in the solid financial and commercial management capacity we have developed throughout the years, particularly in logistics services for producers and our clients.

We are a highly proficient team of professionals, technicians and administrative staff. We have land reception plants in San Antonio and Talcahuano, Chile's main ports. In our endeavor to satisfy our clients' demands, we have developed reliable and efficient distribution chains.

We have witnessed the growing demand in recent years for healthy food products and are developing products and ingredients for the food industry to address the need to reduce calories and sodium, eliminate trans fats and promote the use of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Healthy Eating.

A public policy in constant evolution that has led us to form our own Research & Development (R&D) team with the support of scientists from Chile's Catholic University and the guidance of highly respected physicians and health and nutrition experts. We have created a laboratory supervised by a food engineer to develop our own formulae and applications.



Healthy eating is part of our mandate of Corporate Social Responsibility

…and this is why we have invested over US $2 million in this initiative since 2005. And we have gone even further by applying for HACCP Certification in April 2011 based on the model of critical points introduced in Chile by Bureau Veritas.