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Jorge Jiménez de la Jara


Medical consultant for Cox & Compañía S.A. since 2006 in the development of healthy foods and ingredients.


Former Minister of Health (1990-1992), Ambassador to Italy (1995-1998), Chairman of the WHO Executive Board (2000-2001), and member of the Advisory Committee on Nutrition (CONSENA) of Chile’s Ministry of Health (2004-2009).


He is currently a professor of Public Health at the Catholic University of Chile (PUC) and Chairman of the Committee on Vaccines and Immunization Strategies (CAVEI). Doctor of Medicine (PUC, 1968) specializing in Pediatriatics at the University of Chile, he holds a Masters degree in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University. He has done extensive research and consultancies in health policies, healthy diets and health, health assessment, social medicine (poverty and health) and global medicine.